Power Query Essentials

What you will learn in this course:

Overview of the Power Query Interface

- Import data files from Excel, csv and text formats

- Detect and change data types

- Remove specified number of columns and rows

- Options for loading data to Excel

Transform Text

- Promote column headers

- Split columns  by delimiter and more options

- Merge columns by delimiter

- Remove blank spaces with TRIM

- Extract text options

- Case format, add prefixes, suffixes

- Remove duplicates

- Fill and replace data

- Sorting and filtering

Transform numbers

- Calculate with operators

- Multiply a percentage against a value

- Transform dates and times

- Rounding numbers

Custom Columns

- Conditional columns, IF ... Then ... Else statements

- Extract patterns, column from example

- Grouping data on multiple levels

- Unpivot / pivot columns (create rows from columns, columns from rows)

Multiple Queries

- Duplicate or reference queries

- Difference between merge and append

- Append queries from a folder

- Overview of join types in merged queries

Finishing Touches

- Identify and troubleshoot errors

- A look at the View tab

- Loading to a Pivot Table